Empower staff to locate and manage medical equipment more efficiently

Idox’s BodyGuard™ T Lockbox enables healthcare organisations to take control of medical asset tracking with a smart, safe and cost-effective way to track BodyGuard T and T34 syringe drivers inside and outside the hospital.

The BodyGuard™ T  Lockbox provides the following features and benefits:

  • Greater visibility of all BodyGuard T and T34 syringe drivers for all staff, regardless of location
  • Higher availability of syringe drivers through accurate tracking means no over-procurement
  • Minimises losses of expensive syringe drivers and enable EBME departments to take control of medical device tracking
  • Streamlines compliance requirements with greater control and visibility of device locations
  • Intricate, secure mouldings to fit the unique T34 and BodyGuard T syringe driver shape
  • No need to attach a tracking tag to the outside of a lockbox – which gets lost – tag the device, not the accessory
  • Powered by Idox’s iAssets tracking software, EBME managers can accurately track assets using existing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth infrastructure 

The T34 and BodyGuard T syringe pumps are used throughout the NHS, in hospitals, homes and the community. Given the portability of the devices, valuable time and money are wasted searching for and retrieving devices that have moved throughout the hospital, or lost within the community when they are loaned to patients at home and never returned. 

At present, Trusts use lockboxes to protect these products and prevent tampering, but unfortunately, they cannot be tracked outside the hospital environment. By tagging these devices with Wi-Fi and GPS technology, Trusts benefit from an enhanced and practical tracking solution for their entire healthcare estate, saving the NHS millions of pounds in losses and improving patient care. 

Idox’s dedicated solution for tracking BodyGuard T and T34 syringe pumps inside and outside the hospital empowers healthcare staff to take control of their medical assets. With less time spent searching for devices, clinical staff can dedicate their time where it matters most – patient care. With greater control and visibility of where devices are located, EBME managers can streamline their patient safety and compliance requirements, ensuring devices can be located rapidly for servicing to MHRA standards. 

Idox currently works with 30 major Trusts in the UK, providing a smart, safe, and cost-effective way to track their medical equipment. Its healthcare solutions are designed in collaboration with clinical experts with the aim of improving operational efficiency and supporting delivery of high-quality patient care.

Email: marketing@idoxgroup.com 

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