Evaluating new approaches to endoscope cleaning

Effective removal of biofilm and contamination from endoscopes is vital to ensure patient safety. Ellie Wishart, says that new endoscope cleaning approaches are required and outlines the key criteria required to assess their potential.

Why IFUs are important to reduce SSI

Stuart White and Emile Jubeli highlight the importance of Instructions for Use (IFUs) to ensure the effective decontamination of instruments, including those used in robot-assisted surgery.

UK MDR or not UK MDR? The question for SSDs

What do sterile services departments need to know about the UK Medical Devices Regulations? Jack Walters provides an insight into the ‘UK MDR for Healthcare Organisations’ and discusses how this applies to the reprocessing of surgical instruments

Call for standardisation in endoscope decontamination

Daniel Collins warns that a lack of standardisation in the decontamination of endoscopes has led to varying standards at hospitals across the UK. He calls for a change of approach 
to reduce variation in standards and to ensure effective endoscope reprocessing.

Understanding steam quality and its vital role

Steve Bishop discusses the important role of steam quality in decontamination and tackles some key questions, including: how can we solve the ‘trilemma’ of service resilience, improved quality and decarbonisation challenges?

Challenging questions for the decontamination sector

Challenging questions in decontamination, were high on the agenda at DAS 2024, including: ‘how can we safeguard the next generation of competent decontamination staff?’ Louise Frampton provides an overview of some of the key highlights.

Advancing endoscopy through collaboration

Collaboration and partnerships are increasing, and the field of endoscopy is no exception. PENTAX Medical and UV Smart have joined forces to address the evolving demands 
of the sector, including the need for greener endoscopy.

Driving efficiency with robots in sterile services

An ageing population, tight labour markets, the ergonomic strain on employees, rising healthcare costs and sustainability goals are forcing hospitals to rethink the design 
of processes in the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD). Robotic wrapping 
of medical instrument trays can contribute to a solution for these challenges, 
according to Mariska van der Vliet and Niels Welling

Dare to defy the dogma in decontamination

A recent study day, hosted by the Central Sterilising Club, focused on the theme ‘Dare 
to Defy the Dogma’, with the aim of challenging the ‘thinking and norms’ within the infection prevention and decontamination sectors. Louise Frampton reports.

Choosing sterile barrier systems: a holistic approach

As the healthcare sector faces increasing pressure to reduce its environmental impact, sterile services departments are debating the relative advantages of flexible sterile wrap versus reusable rigid containers. Choosing a sterile barrier system is a major decision and can only be made after weighing all the relevant factors. Karina Engels provides an insight into the key considerations.

COVER STORY: Let’s elevate the status of decontamination

Training of decontamination staff is vital for patient safety, but can also have other key benefits – including boosting morale and enhancing the overall performance of the department.

CSC’s scientific conference to ‘push the boundaries’

Dr. Jimmy Walker, chair of the Central Sterilising Club, provides an insight into what the 2024 Annual Scientific Conference has to offer. He reveals that delegates will be “in for a big surprise”.

COVER STORY: 40 years of ensuring patient safety

2024 is a key moment in history for Wassenburg Medical. The company will be celebrating its 40-year anniversary in business. Having designed the world’s first automated endoscope reprocessor, the company continues to drive innovation.

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