Building champions for safer patient care environments

Well-trained and motivated healthcare staff are key to creating an institutional safety climate and reducing healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).

In fact, studies show proper hand hygiene prevents up to 50% of infections acquired during healthcare delivery[1].  Additionally, research commissioned by Tork found that 8 out of 10 healthcare professionals would like to improve their hand hygiene compliance[2].  

To support these healthcare professionals and enable safer healthcare environments, Tork has developed its Clean Hands Training in collaboration with behavioural scientists and world-leading experts in hand hygiene. Tork VR Clean Hands Training invites users into a digital world where they can interact and train on the WHO’s own ‘my 5 moments of hand hygiene’ in a realistic environment. Accessed almost 15,000 times since the end of 2019, Tork Clean Hands Training empowers healthcare professionals to achieve the highest safety standards. 

Beyond training alone, healthcare professionals must practice hand hygiene often and effectively to prevent the spread of infection and reduce cross contamination. Tork supports healthcare organisations with skincare made for critical, fast-paced environments, including the Tork Alcohol Hand Sanitiser. Tork also offers evidence-based dispenser placement guides based on WHO’s ‘my 5 moments of hand hygiene’ and built around four areas commonly found in healthcare facilities to support compliance. Research shows that hand hygiene dispensers have a significant impact on compliance rates, and the key to success is making sure they are correctly placed. 

“Proper hand hygiene saves lives, and it’s the collective responsibility of everyone within healthcare worldwide to maintain these standards. Fostering a culture of institutional safety within your healthcare organisation keeps hand hygiene top of mind,” says Thomas Bergin, Marketing Director, Healthcare, Essity Professional Hygiene. “Core to the Tork brand, we offer the products and services that help achieve an institutional safety climate, and we continue to work tirelessly to be a knowledgeable and reliable partner for all healthcare professionals.

Learn more here:

[1] World Health Organization,

[2] Survey among 1017 healthcare professionals in five markets: United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Poland. The survey was conducted between 23 November to 7 December 2018 by United Minds on behalf of Tork and in collaboration with the panel provider CINT

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