Ensuring clean air for healthcare environments

AIRQON from INIVOS offers a range of easy to use, effective solutions that filter and decontaminate the air, ideal for use in hospitals and other clinical environments as well as homes and businesses, without the requirement of any complex user training.

High Efficiency Particulate Arrester (HEPA) filters strip out solid particles that pose risks from the air intake, such as bacteria, dust and mould. UV air sterilisation systems work similarly, but instead use a process called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) which irradiates air when it passes through UV lamps, aiming to neutralise particulate matter rather than capture it.  

AIRQON’s AIRIAL-1000 uses both HEPA and UVGI technologies within permanent fitted housing designed to discreetly fit flush to a ceiling. This unit enables uninterrupted air circulation and an even 4-way distribution of clean air through rooms and treatment spaces.

The combination of tried and trusted HEPA filtration alongside the sterilising capabilities of UV-C light technology allow for fast air disinfection in a quiet and compact unit. The unit will comfortably service a room up to 100m3 while multiple units are recommended for larger spaces. Operated by remote control, the AIRIAL-1000 has a 5-stage filtration system with 4 speeds, including a quiet mode for night-time use. The remote control enables power on or off, speed functions, times and programme settings. The remote will also display updates on air quality and filter maintenance. For ease-of-use, filters can be changed without accessing the ceiling void.

The ceiling-recessed unit is ideal for use in spaces where elderly or confused patients may frequent, or in paediatric units, as these are out of reach with no trailing power cables to pose potential safety risks. Rental packages on certain models are available. For more information visit www.airqon.com

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