Why use Chemical Washers rather than Thermal?

AquaPhase Equipment Washers are an efficient way for hospitals to disinfect beds, ward equipment, rails, commodes, wheelchairs, etc. within Estates and Facilities, Operational Services, and Hotel Services departments. AquaPhase machines have been established for over 20 years, washing and disinfecting medical equipment in a healthcare environment.

Manual washing of equipment can create aerosols which are a major health and safety risk to staff when cleaning equipment. AquaPhase machines eliminate the danger of creating harmful aerosols from the equipment, and remove the risk of cross-contamination from cleaning materials. The washers also help speed up the process of cleaning equipment, meaning items can be put back into operation more quickly.

Benefits of using AquaPhase Washers:

  • Cost Savings: The AquaPhase machine saves costs in relation to cycle and staff time, use of energy, and equipment replacement.
  • Superior Chemicals: The combination of chemicals used in the machine is effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms including MRSA and C. diff, and help prevent heat related damage to equipment associated with thermal washers.
  • Peace of Mind: The AquaPhase machine ensures that equipment is washed and disinfected to a high standard.

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For more information about the AquaPhase range follow the link: https://goo.gl/5zckC5, contact BES Healthcare Ltd on info@beshealthcare.net, or call 01179 666 761

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