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PESKETT SOLUTIONS LTD has broadened the range of Decontamination products it offers for Endoscopy, Sterile Services, Operating Theatres and Clinics. Peskett Solutions is the distributor for the following product ranges

RUHOF™ a brand with a worldwide reputation for providing high quality enzymatic cleaners for cleaning instruments, scopes and a complete range of instrument care products.

PROREVEAL Protein Detection System

In the UK we have been the sole distributor for Ruhof Instrument Care Products since January 2000.  By specialising we have been able to give our customers help and advice on all aspects of instrument care and scope cleaning, washer disinfectors, AER's, ultrasonic washers and instrument maintenance. With 30 years of experience working within and supplying to Sterile Services.

The Ruhof name enhances our ability to promote our specialist status as a leader in medical device cleaning technology and allow us to work closely with leading medical device and washer manufacturers in the UK in a non-competitive relationship.

These relationships will help to promote good practice and provide educational and information resources for the customer.



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