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Drying and Storage

Optimal drying and storage of endoscopes is of high importance in an endoscopy workflow. It is crucial to thoroughly dry an endoscope to prevent the growth of microorganisms resulting from moisture. A safe storage prevents the endoscopes from becoming contaminated. Learn more about our drying and storage solution.

Precleaning and Manual Cleaning

The precleaning of endoscopes begins immediately after removal of the insertion tube from the patient, while the endoscope is still connected to the light source. The goal is to prevent organic material and chemical residues sticking onto the endoscope. After that the endoscope can be transported to the reprocessing room, where the manual cleaning is the next step. Please refer to your endoscope reprocessing manual for a detailed description of the precleaning and manual cleaning procedure.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Endoscopes are used repeatedly, which means rigorous cleaning and disinfection after every procedure is required to prevent cross-contamination. Our washer disinfectors deliver efficient and reliable results.


Our transport solution allows damage-proof transportation between examination and reprocessing room of your reprocessed ready-to-use endoscope or of used, contaminated endoscopes. Learn more about our transport product.

Traceability and Documentation

For Olympus, patient safety always comes first. It is at the center of all the company's activities. For this reason, the recording of data relevant to the reprocessing of Olympus endoscopes is only a first step. In order to ensure that endoscopes conform to current international hygiene standards, all reprocessing data must be linked to patient information. To eliminate data loss and connection errors, a uniform documentation system is indispensable. 

With ENDOBASE NEXT, Olympus offers an unmatched and comprehensive IT solution that simplifies the traceability of the reprocessing of endoscopes and links manual entries with automatically collected data. Every step of the process can be assigned in the documentation to the person who carried it out.




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