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BES Healthcare (formerly BES Decon) works with and supports the businesses, institutions, professionals, and services which provide Sterile, Transportation, and Support Services to surgeons and operating theatres, ultimately to provide the optimum levels of staff and patient safety.

BES Healthcare focuses on the supply and maintenance of washing, disinfection, sterilisation, and waste management equipment into hospitals. Along with this, we offer a complete service from consultation, site survey, installation, training, maintenance, engineering, and phone support.

From manual washing through all the stages to patient delivery, including transportation and storage, BES Healthcare understands the importance of processing medical equipment within a hospital. This is why we offer state-of-the-art solutions to assist your department through the various phases of the decontamination cycle.



VacioPak for Endoscopy

The VacioPak for Endoscopy (VfE) system is probably the most cost effective solution on the market for post-drying storage and transportation of endoscopes.  VfE provides patient safety through our validated process, the BESTest. You can rest assured that your decontaminated endoscopes will be protected from cross-contamination while under transport and storage conditions thereby extending their usability window. The gentle non-damaging vacuum involved also protects scopes for a longer life.

Say “No” to cross-contamination and reprocessing costs. Say “Yes” to extended shelf-life and patient safety with VacioPak for Endoscopy. 



For more information about the solutions BES Healthcare can provide your department, please visit, or contact Alternatively, you can call the office on 01179 666 761.



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