New CT system to ease workload pressure on healthcare professionals

The Aquilion Serve SP CT supports faster throughput with more time for the patient, consistent imaging results with less training, and better image quality with a lower radiation dose.

The new CT has been developed to help ease mounting pressures on healthcare professionals from continuously increasing workload, imaging needs that have become significantly more complex, staff shortages, financial limitations, and the growing need for better sustainability.
The new CT system features INSTINX, Canon Medical’s holistic workflow solution that creates new standards in efficiency and consistency and was specially designed to enhance every aspect of the imaging chain.
Through its easy-to-learn operations, the Aquilion Serve SP reduces the training time required for staff. Moreover, the system’s 40% reduction in workflow steps saves time, reduces pressure on overloaded staff, and enhances opportunities to serve more patients, while preserving optimal accuracy.
INSTINX comes with a 24% reduction in time to perform scan planning and a 97% accuracy in setting the scan range, including the Field of View. In addition, the ease of use of INSTINX ensures greater consistency in scanning when used by multiple technologists and enables more flexible staff allocation.
“Combining the power of Canon Medical AI-enabled technologies with a completely redesigned workflow that makes scanning easier than ever, the Aquilion Serve SP is designed to meet all clinical needs with superior performance,” said Roy Verlaan, Canon Medical System’s European Director CT. 
“Employing the latest technologies and applications to enhance image quality and support diagnostic speed and accuracy, it has all clinical needs covered. From routine to complex imaging needs, Aquilion Serve SP is a scanner that can do it all.”
Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death worldwide. Its early detection with low dose CT enables earlier treatment options and a better prognosis. However, the biggest concern in lung screening with CT is radiation dose, and secondly, how healthcare organisations can integrate the additional throughput of large numbers of screening candidates.

As well as providing the capacity for high throughput, the Aquilion Serve SP features a ‘Game-Changer’ in Low-Dose Lung Imaging – SilverBeam. Canon Medical’s SilverBeam Filter combined with INSTINX and Deep Learning Reconstruction for CT delivers a reduction in radiation dose, an increased patient throughput and enhanced image quality with minimised image noise preserving overall image quality and diagnostic accuracy.
With its powerful performance and updated workflow experience, the Aquilion Serve SP quickly demonstrates its value to clinical teams looking to reduce scan times, simplify training and keep infrastructure requirements to a minimum.
Roy Verlaan, European Director CT, Canon Medical Systems Europe, concluded, “It’s an exciting time for Canon. With the launch of the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition and the Aquilion Serve SP, we are simplifying and streamlining CT workflows, making the scan experience more efficient for patients and operators. On top of that, we reaffirm our Made for Life philosophy by introducing Deep Learning Reconstruction across our entire CT portfolio to support fast and high-quality imaging at low dose for all patients.”


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