Ultimate defence against influenza and respiratory threats

Europe is grappling with a "tridemic" - a surge in influenza, exacerbated by COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses - putting a strain on health systems. In the UK, where flu cases and hospitalisations are rising, officials warn that the peak is yet to come.

Such a surge not only jeopardises patient health, but as more staff are forced to take time off from illness, it also significantly reduces the capacity of hospitals to cope. Research shows that preventable infections cost the NHS £2.7 billion annually[1]. Improved hand hygiene and surface cleaning all contribute to reduced hospital infections and associated costs but may not suffice alone.

Hospitals need to deploy multiple layers of defence to reduce the spread airborne infections to better safeguard both staff and their patients. WellAir’s Novaerus’s portable air decontamination systems, powered by the unique, patented NanoStrike technology, offer a transformational method of air disinfection. The technology has been clinically proven to inactivate all airborne microorganisms on contact, providing the first line of protect against viruses and bacteria. Importantly, the technology prevents pathogens from self-healing, ensuring it does not become viable as an infectious agent once again.

The Novaerus NanoStrike technology, featured in the company's Protect and Defend product lines, presents a cost-effective and highly efficient solution for mitigating patient and staff infections across various healthcare settings. Whether it's Patient Wards, Waiting Rooms, Ambulances, Emergency Rooms, or Intensive Care Units, our Novaerus Protect 200 and 800 models ensure round-the-clock air disinfection; additionally, the Defend 400 and 1050 systems offer a portable alternative. The technology is proven effective in over 30 independent studies and is ideal for rapid remediation in large to medium spaces where exposure to airborne pathogens is elevated.

Prioritising the safety of patients and staff is paramount. For more information on how the company can help improve infection control in healthcare settings, contact: contact@pdi-emea.com


[1] Guest JF, Keating T, Gould D, et al. Modelling the annual NHS costs and outcomes attributable to healthcare-associated infections in England. BMJ Open 2020;10:e033367.

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