Support for Trusts to help with technology adoption

Omnicell has launched an initiative to support Trusts wanting to invest in new automation technology following capital budget cuts.

Last year’s Autumn statement confirmed the Health and Social Care Department’s cut in capital budgets from 12bn to 11.7bn.  This budget is used for R&D, as well as long-term investment in the development and maintenance of NHS buildings, facilities and equipment; thereby making the Government’s pledge to digitalise all Trusts by 2025 seem highly unlikely.

The ‘GDP deflator’ from the Office for Budget Responsibility measures predicted changes to inflation over the coming few years and has calculated that this could mean a real term fall in capital budget investment of £700m in the fiscal year 2023-24.

The all-time high budget pressures and lack of availability of capital in the NHS both in the short and long-term, present significant challenges when planning for technology project investments. And yet, the need to adopt new technology has never been greater, in order to drive much needed efficiencies within overstretched hospital services.

To address these issues, Omnicell as a leading medication management solution provider, is using it’s understanding and 10+ years’ experience in delivering automation into over 100 NHS Trusts to launch its  Managed Equipment Services (MES), to mitigate the financial barriers associated with capital expenditure (CapEx) investments.

This will help Trusts to fully automate their medication management processes and by harnessing the right technology, avoid medication errors, drug diversion, non-compliance, as well as inventory waste and shortages. Automating medication process can transform operational efficiency and improves patient experience in hospitals. Hospital pharmacy workflow automation solutions foster cohesion between pharmacy and nursing and by using real-time data, intelligence solutions deliver visibility for hospital and clinical staff. Crucially, these insights allow them to make more informed decisions, faster.

The new MES allows NHS Trusts to invest in outsourced technology and services under one umbrella solution for an annual fixed fee. This includes:

  • The automation hardware, software, data intelligence and comprehensive services to install, replace, manage and maintain a portfolio of pharmacy and clinical technology systems.
  • Ongoing education and optimisation services on a long-term basis.
  • A de-risked solution, where Omnicell retains title but allows for a full use of the Omnicell solutions to the Trust.

Find out more about the new MES initiative visit: or email:


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