A guide to donning and doffing the DENPRO FFP3 masks

The donning and doffing mask procedure is a vital step in reducing contamination of healthcare workers caring for patients with transmissible infectious diseases. Education and training in this area is critical to mitigating spread and maintaining the healthcare of the workforce.

The step-by-step guide below should be followed every time a mask is used.


1. Thread the top elastic strap through the top clips. Repeat for the bottom strap and clips.

2. Ensure your hair is tied back and that your face is free from facial hair.

3. Pull the mask over your head, bringing the mask down onto your nose and face.

4. Ensure the top strap is at the crown of the head, above the ears, and that the bottom strap is below the ears around the neck.

5. Pull the bottom straps first then the top to tighten and secure the mask. Over-tightening is not necessary and may compromise comfort.

6. Ensure that the seal is visible around the nose and that there is no gap over the bridge of your nose. If necessary, adjust the mask and run your fingers over the seal to ensure the seal conforms to the shape of your nose, achieving an appropriate fit.

7. Conduct a fit check.


 1. Loosen the bottom strap by pressing on the back of the clasps.

2. Pull the bottom strap over your head.

3. Pull the top strap over your head and dispose of the mask. Avoid touching the front of the mask!

The DENPRO FFP3 masks should only be used for a single shift, and a maximum of 8 hours in total. It is recommended to change the mask after every 4 hours of use. Hand hygiene must always be performed during the donning and doffing procedure. 

For more information on the DENPRO portfolio, please visit: www.denpro.co.uk

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