Autoclave protective gloves and gauntlets

Scilabub has manufactured its range of Autoclave protective gloves and gauntlets in England for almost 40 Years. They offer an effective solution for optimised heat protection for the hands and arms when using autoclaves without restricting performance and mobility.

The gauntlets (length 52cm) offer protection to the upper arms, the gloves (30cm) reach well over the wrist. The product range protects against a maximum working temperature of up to 260 °C in normal use. When used for a short time they can protect against significantly higher temperatures.

The gloves are asbestos-free, double thickness and made from Du Pont Nomex IIIA fibre. This blend of Nomex and Kevlar (Aromatic Polyamides) is characterized by extreme heat resistance of up to 370 °C without burning or melting. As the Nomex IIIA has properties that are inherent in the products they cannot be washed out. Many of our customers clean the gloves in the Autoclave. The addition of Kevlar (Bulletproof material) in the material blend ensures an extremely long life compared to a cotton-based solution. 

The gloves are made in the UK to EN 420 sizes and have been tested according to EN 388 and EN 407. They are CE and UKCA marked and are available in four sizes and two lengths at a competitive price. The gloves have a category III rating which is reserved for products that protect against risks that may cause very serious consequences such as death or irreversible damage to health.

The gloves must be marked with pictograms showing the gloves protection properties and must be tested at an accredited test institute. If your current gloves are not classified as category III, you may not be offering your staff the kind of protection that they need.

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