Meeting demand for optimum surgical lighting

With advances in modern day operating techniques and surgical expertise, the demand for optimum operating lights has become even greater. Continuously evolving technology has allowed surgeons to perform operations more precisely than ever. From precise lighting to shadow minimisation, operating lights need to be able to perform under pressure.

UK Medical Equipment distributor, Ryna Medical is offering the Dr Mach range of LED operating lights to meet this demand. The latest developments in the Dr Mach LED8MC and LED6MC operating lights include:

  • Different LED units allow finely graduated depth foci at different heights: this means that no manual adjustment is necessary even if the depth of the operating field increases ‒ the light focus is always right.
  • Electronically controlled shadow management ensures that the wound area and field of vision are always optimally illuminated; should your movements block the light, LED lenses switch on in a fraction of a second to prevent shadows.
  • The arrangement of computer-calculated, faceted lenses in a separate arrangement offers maximum homogeneity and optimal lighting contrast ‒ up to 160,000 lux.
  • An individually adjustable light field setting ensures the constant brightness of the light field; the possible depth illumination ensures that particularly narrow, deep wound areas are optimally illuminated.
  • The individual setting of the colour temperature ensures that you have the optimal light colour for every application, in order to recognise tissue type, wound structure and contrasts; up to 69 LED elements provide appropriately cold or warm light ranging from 3500 to 5000 K.


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