Detect peracetic acid in the workplace

Peracetic acid is a hazardous chemical — when used as a disinfectant in endoscopy, accidental spillages can produce gas vapour that is hazardous with acute exposure. Workers who exceed exposure limits can experience eye irritation and damage, breathing issues, skin irritations and potential fluid build-up in the lungs.

Therefore, JAG audit for compliance requires endoscope decontamination departments to monitor peracetic acid for the safety of patients and staff. iM Med is the sole UK distributor of the ChemDAQ Peracetic Acid monitoring systems. The plug and play systems deliver continuous monitoring and recording, providing sites with tracking ability for JAG monthly reports. 

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT) has installed iM Med’s ChemDAQ peracetic acid vapour monitoring system in the EDU at each of the trust’s hospitals. 

Jeffrey Price, the Trust’s decontamination manager, explains: “Historically there had been occasions when the team smelt an odour, but without a monitor they were unsure what it was. Peracetic acid vapour is hazardous at quite low levels. Following the installation of the monitor there is an assurance that the staff are safe.”

Jenny Stewart, clinical and operational service lead for endoscopy, said: “ChemDAQ was installed in February this year to meet staff safety requirements and we had training from iM Med in how to use it. The system gives assurance on levels and will alarm audibly and flash yellow or red on screen when certain levels are reached. But we’ve had no issues. All reports have been good.”

iM Med ChemDAQ peracetic acid monitoring solutions provide continuous, real-time monitoring of peracetic acid vapour levels to ensure staff are working within a continuously safe environment.

  • Fixed and/or portable monitors available
  • Ability to hardwire or connect to sensor via Bluetooth 
  • Sensor exchange programme ensures continual reliability and accuracy
  • Track and export exposure data for ongoing analysis
  • Set customisable alarms 

To arrange a free demonstration, visit: or call: 01223 440 475

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