New addition to surgical retractor range

JUNE MEDICAL now offers 5 mm Semi-Blunt hooks for its Galaxy II range of surgical retractors. Offering the perfect balance between the existing razor sharp and precise Sharp hook and the more forgiving Blunt hook, the new atraumatic Semi-Blunt combines a reliable hold with less sharp penetration, staying where it is placed and allowing higher loads under more tension.

The 5 mm Semi-Blunt hooks minimise tissue trauma while maintaining a strong grip, making them ideal for challenging procedures like fistulae repair, excision of urethral diverticulum and mesh removal surgery, where a good exposure is difficult to attain without interruption. These new hooks are both convenient and time efficient for surgeons, as well as offering trainees improved visibility to learn surgical steps.

Prof. Hashim Hashim, Director of the Urodynamics Unit at the Bristol Urological Institute at Southmead Hospital, commented: “For many procedures, the Blunt hooks simply can’t adequately hold onto tissues, while the Sharp ones can cause damage, as well as risking injury to the surgeon. We therefore needed an option that can grip tissue better without traumatising it and, equally importantly, not cause a sharp injury to the surgeon. JUNE MEDICAL has listened to the surgeons and catered for that.” 

Angela Spang, CEO of JUNE MEDICAL, added: “The new Semi-Blunt hook brings together the best of both worlds – a strong, elastic hold and reduced tissue trauma. We are introducing this new hook based on feedback from the esteemed surgeons who routinely use our Galaxy II retractors with Sharp and Blunt hooks. In a discipline like surgery, there is no room for compromise, and we aim to deliver the best tools for the surgeons and the patients.”


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