State-of-the-art theatres at Merlin Park Hospital

Two new state-of-the-art operating theatres at Merlin Park University Hospital in Galway equipped by Bender are making a key contribution to restoring full elective orthopaedic procedures at the hospital.

Both theatres are equipped with Merivaara Q-Flow LED surgical lights and monitor arms, which optimise illumination and colour rendering – vital in the continual assessment of the patient’s condition during surgery. LED lights also generate less heat to improve comfort for the surgical staff and patients. Q-Flow LED surgical lights also offer anti-shadow technology with dynamic obstacle compensation to deliver optimum illumination to the surgical site, reducing shading and avoiding continuous adjustment of the light source.

The theatres incorporate ultra-clean air canopies and the flow of clean air to the operating table is optimised through the design of the Merivaara lighting system. In addition, the lights also incorporate 4K cameras linked to DICOM compliant 55-inch monitors attached to ceiling mounted hydraulic arms. Bender also customised the PACS display in each of the two theatres, providing dual 42inch screens in a vertical configuration ideally suited to displaying the scans and x-rays for orthopaedic procedures, and other medical data.

Glass CP9 touchscreen theatre control panels provide fingertip control and monitoring of the operating room equipment through a central location. Each 24-inch CP9 provides the alarm status of ventilation, surgical and room lighting and monitors medical IT power provision for the facilities. This includes a schematic display for the two operating theatres that can pinpoint the location of any electrical faults and power issues, and remote monitoring of the medical IT power (IPS) and uninterruptible power (UPS) installations within the building.

Utilising a CP915 (15” touchscreen) located outside the theatre door, Bender has developed a clinical information portal that allows staff to view the status of the operating theatre before entry, while displaying the in-use status of the room and warning about x-ray and laser activity in-theatre. Bender medical IT systems deliver no-fail power supplies to the operating theatres and incorporate ATICS purpose-designed auto-changeover technology. The system assures total resilience for the medical IT systems with full HTM compliant battery backup systems.


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