Optimising endoscope decontamination

iM Med has announced the next evolution within Steelco’s broad endoscope washer disinfector range – the Steelco EW1 S Maxi, which combines compliance with ease of use, resulting in an optimum process for endoscope decontamination.

 With a rapid cycle time, the Steelco EW1 S Maxi is a single scope per chamber EWD featuring innovative automated endoscope connection technology.

Prioritising the operator’s ease of use, the EW1 S Maxi has been designed with an ergonomic chamber loading height, hands-free automatic door opening and a large decontamination chamber, with the basket designed to ensure compliant decontamination of the largest of endoscopes. An integrated RFID system enables both endoscope and operator automatic identification – further streamlining the loading process, while eliminating the risk of error. 

The EW1 S Maxi Automated One Connection System

The Steelco One Connection System (OCS) is a patented innovative technology for endoscope connection, reducing the risk of error by only connecting the endoscope at the start of the process at the manual cleaning stage. The OCS remains connected to the endoscope throughout the decontamination journey of manual cleaning, EWD reprocessing and loading into the drying cabinet, so the operator does not have to repeat this process – eliminating the risk of human error, as well as reducing scope handling

The EW1 S Maxi design has further evolved the OCS system through the ability to automatically connect the OCS into the chamber without operator intervention. On closure of the door and first staging of the process, the OCS is positioned into the connection cradle on the basket and the EW1 S Maxi automatically connects the OCS into the connection point for commencement of the cycle. The evolution of the OCS design, further reduces operator time and intervention, streamlining the loading process for a lean and error-free process.

Maximising space with a compact footprint

The EW1 S Maxi benefits from a compact footprint as it can be configured without a service gap (as all maintenance is accessed from the front) enabling a bank of machines, maximising the use of available decontamination departmental space.

The EW1 S Maxi features:

  • Stainless steel with glass door optimum build quality EWD.
  • Single scope per chamber compact footprint.
  • Automatic scope connection, enhancing the existing OCS efficiencies.
  • Integrated RFID system enables both endoscope and operator automatic identification.
  • Rapid compliant cycle time for efficient throughput.
  • Status control chamber light indicating process stage with three illuminated colours.
  • Hands free door opening with foot pedal operation.
  • Front access service enabling machines to be configured without a gap.
  • Contained chemical management.
  • Large LED touch screen operation.
  • Safety door opening system allowing scope access in event of power supply failure.

For further information visit: www.iM-Med.com

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73zAywoIiSs


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