Ophthalmic stretcher designed for patient comfort

UK-based clinical equipment manufacturer, Anetic Aid, has launched a  lightweight, highly manoeuvrable stretcher with exceptional head-end surgical access, offering an ideal solution for transport, treatment and recovery in ophthalmology departments.

The company’s designers have created a platform which gives 585mm of clearance underneath the head and back section for optimal (and comfortable) surgical access from both a superior and temporal approach. It features a dual-articulating headrest, which includes a specially shaped cushion and padded neck plate, providing movement in three different planes before it is locked firmly into place.

Powered positioning

Other benefits include powered positioning – minimising lifting and handling risks for practitioners dealing with increasing patient weights. The entire stretcher platform and the backrest can be raised or lowered electronically from the panel at the foot end, and additional powered positioning includes independent knee flex and knee flex – combined with backrest elevation for additional patient comfort during recovery.

The practice of using just one platform also supports infection control, due to reduced contacts and transfers and fewer items of equipment required for the patient journey. The 700mm wide K8 pressure care mattress, fitted as standard, has antibacterial properties – and its memory foam construction is another feature, which aids patient comfort.

Product manager, Mark Lee, commented: “We have been working for some time to evolve the QA3 specifically for ophthalmics. We kept hearing that our QA4 Mobile Surgery System offered more than was needed for this type of surgery, so our goal was to incorporate all the elements that were needed in a cost-effective platform.

“The powered version of the QA3 Patient Stretcher was the perfect starting point – and some of the key engineering elements were to sculpt the backrest for greater surgical access – which we also facilitated by moving the pivot point for Trendelenburg.

“Once these elements had been developed, we embarked on a series of extensive trials with some of the UK’s renowned specialist ophthalmic units. We are extremely grateful to all of the surgeons, anaesthetists, nursing and ODP staff for their support as we put the stretcher through its paces in countless cataract, detached retina, tear duct procedures and other oculoplastic.”

The new ophthalmic stretcher, which offers a low height option for easy patient mount/dismount, is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio which includes the QA3 patient and emergency stretchers, the QA4 mobile surgery system, electronic tourniquets, operating table accessories and stainless-steel furniture, together with supporting servicing and maintenance.

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