Mackwell Health Demonstrates UV-C Innovations at IPC22

Mackwell Health, part of the Mackwell Group, has announced plans to demonstrate its UV-C disinfection technology solutions at this year’s Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Conference, of which Mackwell Health is a main sponsor. This marks a significant step toward fulfilling the company’s vision to provide innovative solutions in the field of Infection Control.

ProtectivAIR is the first professional-grade Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to use UV-C irradiation to kill airborne pathogens and prevent them from being inhaled by the wearer. It is designed for use in high-risk environments where there is an increased risk of infection transmission via inhalation of droplets or aerosols. The wearer is provided with a continuous flow of real-time biologically UV-C cleansed air, providing immediate protection against airborne pathogens, irrespective of mutations or variants.

ProtectivAIR is also one of the first powered RPE solutions to be designed specifically for healthcare environments and includes an innovative exhale protection mechanism that allows for use in sterile procedures. Many of the RPE solutions adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic did not provide protection from exhaled breath from the wearer. ProtectivAIR resolves this critical need whilst providing the highest level of protection to the wearer via its UV-C treated air. Greater than 6 log reduction in pathogens has been demonstrated for respiratory diseases of concern such as COVID-19, drug-resistant TB and influenza, and is backed up by rigorous trials at UKHSA, Porton Down. 

Mackwell Health is also committed to supporting the healthcare industry in driving its operations towards a net-zero target. This includes moving from disposable to re-usable PPE, which in turn requires new processes, workflows and technologies. At IPC22, Mackwell Health’s Whitebox UV-C LED disinfection chambers will be demonstrated along with results of predictive modelling showing how UV-C can decontaminate different types of PPE in minutes.

Whitebox uses the latest UV-C LED technology in combination with advanced optics to deliver radiation to all surfaces of the PPC in appropriate dosage to deliver highly efficient decontamination without damage to the PPE itself. 3D CAD models can be taken and the dose on the surface can be predicted using optical simulations.

Dr. Andy Davies, Commercial Director for Mackwell Health, said: “An important lesson learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that the healthcare industry required change. The transformation was needed in how infection is managed across healthcare facilities, a change in IPC solutions available on the market and a change in regulatory guidance. Mackwell Health understands all of these needs and works closely with Infection Prevention professionals to develop the solutions that are right for them. We have also demonstrated that UV-C technology can contribute much more to this cause, and the innovations we will have on show at IPC22 will demonstrate this.”

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