The Latest Innovation in ‘On-Tip’ Smoke Extraction from Eakin Surgical

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Here at Eakin Surgical, we recognise that visual clarity can be a problem when diathermy is used during Laparoscopic surgery.

The smoke plume created by an electro-surgical instrument can not only obscure vision but also poses a respiratory hazard if inhaled within the operating theatre. The need for smoke evacuation has become increasingly critical as evidence shows the risk of viral transmission in smoke particles. However, open surgery systems do not easily adapt to Laparoscopic surgery and can be cost prohibitive.

Introducing our latest product, the TSALYS SES Electro-Surgery Suction and Irrigation Probe System for Laparoscopic surgery: this multi-functional instrument incorporates a total rethink in the design of laparoscopic instrumentation with its superb ergonomics and superior performance. The SES features four modes of operation: suction, irrigation, dissection, and coagulation. Not only will this help to save time when switching between instruments, but also reduce costs in one affordable solution.



‘On-tip’ smoke extraction removes smoke at the source to ensure clear visibility of the surgical field. The potentially contaminated plume is safely captured through a fully closed system contained by a cannister or wall suction. This helps to prevent transmission of hazardous smoke particles, which has become especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The TSALYS SES utilises continual low volume smoke extraction. Precise control of vacuum allows effective and uninterrupted evacuation of smoke during electro-surgery, which can easily be adjusted at your fingertips. Controlled abdominal desufflation prevents smoke leakage and reduces the need for port venting. Intuitive operation enables the user to pre-set smoke evacuation and flow rate to accommodate the procedure without the need for further manipulation of controls.

For added utility, the Tsalys SES comes with interchangeable ‘Lock & Load’ electrode extensions that include a 'J' hook, 'L' hook, and spatula atraumatic tips. The extendable shafts provide maximum visualisation of the distal electrode tip. The rotatable and retractable 360-degree electrode shaft has been designed to maximise safety and control during the procedure. Thicker Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) insulation prevents capacitive coupling and provides protection against inadvertent lateral tissue burns.

For occasions when diathermy may not be required, we also offer an alternative modern approach to laparoscopic suction and irrigation. The Tsalys SIS provides the same quality and comfort, with reliable suction and irrigation at reduced cost.

An ergonomic handle with enhanced industrial design ensures greater comfort and reduces grip fatigue during the procedure. Vacuum and irrigation are conveniently accessed through intuitive colour-coded controls and shaft ports help to reduce suction of distal end in tissue. Fast and responsive actuation reduces dribble and fluid retention, which can be especially problematic in some trumpet valves. The non-reflective steel shaft also makes it suitable for use with separate laser or diathermy instruments.

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Come and visit us at stand AF84 at Future Surgery


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