Revolutionary Automated Instrument Reprocessing from Dr Weigert

Dr Weigert’s revolutionary neodisher® system ALPHA automatic instrument reprocessing machine provides first class cleaning and decontamination results whilst at the same time ensuring the most efficient use of processing chemicals.

The ultracompact central dosing system uses highly concentrated chemicals providing both economic and environmental benefits; issues which are very much at the forefront of all product development at Dr Weigert.

The neodisher® system ALPHA combines with the weigomatic® system APLHA dosing machine which can supply four washer disinfectors with three process chemicals: two high concentrate detergents and one optional rinse aid. The dosing of the process chemicals is ensured via weigomatic® storage containers which guarantee a continuous supply to the washer disinfectors without intervention from the machine operator. In addition, thanks to the use of RFID technology it is possible to exchange the empty canisters in a controlled, safe manner without risk of mix up. Canisters are stowed conveniently in the base unit, each one with its own pull-out drawer. The weigomatic® dosing system can be wall-mounted and the distance between the dosing system and washer disinfectors can be up to 20 metres, facilitating the system’s use in all types of layouts and sterile service departments. The user-friendly dosing system together with Dr Weigert’s highly concentrated chemicals, means that the neodisher® system ALPHA reprocessing machine significantly reduces the workload for sterile services staff.

The dosing process for the neodisher® ALPHA system can be managed via on online application suitable for both smartphones and tablets. The app enables the user to manage the dosing process by displaying the operating status and error messages.

Established 100 years ago, Dr Weigert is a world-renowned manufacturer of cleaning and decontamination solutions. Headquartered in Hamburg, their state of the art R & D, production and laboratory facilities service the needs of a constantly changing environment whilst ensuring the company remains focused on their core three principles: quality, performance and innovation.

To request a more information on the new neodisher® system ALPHA please contact Dr Weigert UK Ltd on 01543 404 633.


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