MMM. Protecting Human Health.

To keep up with the ever-growing demand of state-of-the-art products, we believe our philosophy of growth through innovation plays a critical role in our development of our product range.

We consider ourselves as not just a supplier of high-end medical devices, but as a complete supplier of end-to-end solution that make both commercial and medical contribution to society, ensuring people become healthy and remain healthy.

MMM in Healthcare – Complete End to End Solution from a Single Source

MMM Offers a comprehensive range of expertise for all aspects of the Central Sterile Services Department, key highlights include and not limited to:

  • The Manufacture of our own products – Washer Disinfectors, Autoclaves and Steam Generators.
  • Full Lifecycle support of machine components and parts
  • Detailed planning and consultation
  • Software for batch data collection
  • Project Management of Installation and logistics
  • Service, which includes the validation of all processes in accordance with the relevant standards and directives.



Washer Disinfectors

Uniclean PL II 15 is our most sought single chamber 18 Din capability, Da Vinci Validated washer disinfector comprising of our unique chamber design and patented lateral drying fan that produces optimal cycle times due to the efficiencies in our drying system.

Uniclean PL II 30our newest member of the Uniclean PL II family is our Double capacity 36 Din washer disinfector, suitable for instruments and containers and twin lateral drying fans in a single chamber, which creates the unique configuration of Concept 15.30 to maximise department throughput.

Take a look at the video below for a detailed overview of Concept 15.30 and visualize how this could have a positive impact within your department.


MMM sterilisers are constructed using high quality components, all of which are available from well-known suppliers, Burkert, Spirax, Siemens to name a few. The equipment is fully compliant with DIN EN 285 and bears the CE marking in compliance with MDD.

The Selectomat PL has a unique compact modular design giving complete accessibility by fully opening hinged, key lock access front fascia panels. This maximises the onsite engineer’s ability to not only service each autoclave, but test to maintain their ongoing performance. All MMM loading equipment has been designed for ease of use, easy roll loading systems that are able to be integrated into pre-existing pass-through chambers.

Steam Generators

If a supply of pure steam is not available on site, you can operate your sterilizer with a MMM steam to-steam generator. It does not matter how your facilities are laid out, the steam-to-steam.

Duotherm II The steam-to-steam generator can be operated with the sterilizer controls. The Duotherm II also offers the option of converting heating steam to pure steam in facilities with a separate heating steam supply.

The Unotherm II Electric steam generator that offers high performance with low energy requirements. It has been specially designed for facilities without a central steam supply. It can also be used for economical steam generation in an emergency or at weekends. The steam generator output can be adjusted optimally for the requirements of the connected sterilizer.




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