Intelligent decontamination robot tackles pathogens

Designed to decontaminate clinical spaces in as little as an hour, the Ultra-V decontamination robot combines ultraviolet-c (UV-C) technology with pioneering, patented Spectrome technology.

This achieves a consistent, measurable and independently validated reduction in pathogens of up to >log5.  

It was developed by leading infection prevention and control experts, INIVOS, who regularly provide clinical decontamination technology and services to over 40% of NHS Trusts, to decontaminate environments to a high standard. The Ultra-V deploys ten powerful UV-C lamps at a germicidal wavelength of 254mn to remove microorganisms from the environment – including SARS-CoV-2, MRSA and VRE. This breaks down the organism cell wall and eradicates the genetic material within, reducing pathogens to a safe, noninfective level.  

Using Spectromes to independently assess its surroundings, the Ultra-V can detect the dosage and duration of decontamination necessary and perform this action autonomously. Spectrome technology ensures that shadowing is minimised, while still reaching maximum efficacy. A validation report is provided following a cycle, so operators can be assured that it has successfully reduced pathogens. Further to this, the Ultra-V has a remote process monitor, enabling operators to view the process from a safe location outside the decontamination field.  

It is easy to manoeuvre around a space, making it an ideal choice for a clinical setting where it will be used regularly. Advanced safety features enable automatic switch off if it senses any movement.

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