iM Med. The Decontamination Specialists.

iM Med was founded by industry specialists, with decades of experience in decontamination and a driving passion for quality, innovation and patient focused excellence.

This lead to their selection to supply the Steelco endoscopy and SSD range on the NHS Supply Chain Decontamination Capital Equipment National Framework.

iM Med is pleased to be able to provide an additional 15% discount to the endoscopy equipment Framework prices with an offer lasting until 2022 on this provision.

iM Med Steelco. At the forefront of providing choice.

Unique to Steelco is the breadth of their range, offering a real choice of decontamination equipment:

  • One, two or three scopes per chamber EWD
  • Vertical or horizontal drying
  • Full automation – rapid cycle times
  • Large choice of capacity

iM Med passionately believes healthcare providers should be free to choose a decontamination solution to meet their unique needs, and that choice should extend through the life of their chosen equipment. When choosing Steelco as their decontamination equipment provider, customers retain choice with a range of compliant chemistries and the ability to choose a compliant service provider to meet the life-long requirements of their compliance, quality and budgetary needs.

iM Med do not lock customers into any of these elements, instead by consistently delivering service and customer service excellence iM Med becomes the chosen life-long partner to Healthcare Trusts with a shared vision of decontamination excellence and consistent Patient Safety.

iM Med: The Complete Decontamination Strategy.

Quality sits at the core of the iM Med portfolio and philosophy, with BSI as its notified body, iM Med is ISO 13485:2016 certified with a quality management system to support safe and compliant products and services.

The iM Med portfolio has four cornerstones across product and service decontamination, delivering a complete decontamination strategy for all healthcare providers:

  • iM Equipment: the provision of the Steelco range of endoscope and surgical instrument decontamination equipment, uniquely offering true choice for customers looking to upgrade their decontamination facility.
  • iM Technical: the provision of technical service support including maintenance, service and validation of decontamination equipment.
  • iM Consumables: a range of consumables to support compliant decontamination, which includes a collection of UK manufactured chemistries, including peracetic acid disinfectants, manufactured to the required type tested recipe for endoscope decontamination.
  • iM Compliance: supporting clinical teams with the provision of tailored education, bespoke CPD-certified courses, technical support, and advice.

The Team at iM Med is on hand to discuss and explore all your departmental requirements to provide you with a decontamination strategy of choice. The launch of the Steelco EW1 S Maxi further enhances that choice, facilitating a decontamination department to meet all your future demands.

iM Med: The Decontamination Specialists

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