Clinipak now operating as Key Surgical in UK market

Clinipak has officially merged with the Key Surgical brand and will now operate as such in the UK market.

Key Surgical, with its headquarters in the US, has been a brand innovator since 1988 and is building on the legacy of Clinipak, while updating to the brand of Key Surgical in the UK. Clinipak has been primarily known for sterilisation packaging, such as barrier wrap, tray liners, soaker sheets, and transport wrap. As Key Surgical the company will continue to be a provider for these but, can now offer you a more diverse product range, designed to meet the needs in CSSD, the operating theatre, and endoscopy. 

Ross Tustain, Managing Director, said: “As Key Surgical globalises, we’re in a unique position to continue providing the high-quality range of Clinipak sterilisation wrap while expanding our product offering to include items such as instrument cleaning brushes, documentation labels and tags, instrument protection, PPE, trays, and so much more.

"We are now positioned to better support the sterile processing industry; we can truly deliver the one-stop shop experience and service our customers need in order to perform their best work in hospitals and surgical facilities.”