Female external catheter wins ‘Pitch in Five’ session at the IPS Conference

The Purewick™ Female external catheter from BD has been awarded first prize for the ‘Pitch in Five’ session held at the recent IPS meeting in Liverpool.

The ‘Pitch in Five’ was one of four components of the Infection Prevention Show held on Monday 23rd September 2019. The essence of the session was to showcase technologies or products that do or can make a big difference in helping combat avoidable infections. David Newton – BD National Nurse Manager for Urology, delivered the ‘Pitch’ for Purewick™ on behalf of BD.
Six firms each pitched for 5 minutes on the characteristics of their products or technologies with an audience live-vote held after each presentation on their perception of a range of qualities such as whether the product would make realisable savings; be affordable by the NHS; enhance efforts to improve patient safety; provide noticeable benefits to the practice of infection prevention.

Any commercial organisation with a product or technology in the HCAI space was eligible to apply for inclusion and consideration. Applications were reviewed and chosen by a panel of senior IPS members against criteria including: 

  • Does the product/technology contribute to improved productivity at the NHS front-line?
  • Is it safe to use?
  • Has it been shown to be efficacious?
  • Does it help to improve patient satisfaction?


Purewick™ is an alternative to incontinence pads and indwelling catheters for female patients, helping to reduce urinary catheter days thus lowering risk of CAUTIs. It also helps reduce the risk of moisture lesions by wicking away urine from the body.

Purewick™ is the first female external catheter to address the need for an effective, non-invasive method of managing urine output in women.


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