Reliable procedure pack supply

Customers purchasing custom procedure packs have the choice of including any single component that they are currently using in theatre or a choice of enhanced UNISURGE products to assist with their needs. From Polywear advances, single use disposable instrument advances and the “just in time” delivery mechanism that Unisurge has to offer, the customer can be asured that their pack is supplied at the right time, the right price and with the components they are satisfied with.

Many stores in hospitals are unable to hold vast amounts of boxes let alone a CPT series of packs for the month. Unisurge offers the customer the confidence that there is one month’s stock of their usage always on the shelf at its distribution depots. All stock is electronically controlled using a material requisition planning (MRP) programme and backed up by secure climate controlled servers. If one facility goes down, another facility can be actuated.

Also new from the essential supplementary pack range is a single use 1,000 ml jug and sieve set.

The set offers the following features:

• Clear, compact and stable design standing just 13 cm in height.
• Measuring jug, full one litre capacity in increments of 50 ml.
• Ergonomic design allowing single-handed use.
• Integral fitting sieve thus reducing risk of fluid spillage
• Jug can be easily emptied with sieve in place, while maintaining any sieved particles.
• Available as a sterile product or bulk, non-sterile, fully autoclavable for single use.