Innovative Fully Autonomous Mobile Robot for UV-C Disinfection

UVD Robots supplies innovative, fully autonomous mobile robotic based UV-C disinfection solutions to the healthcare industry. With focus on patient rooms, operating theatres and public areas, the UVD Robot can be easily integrated as a highly effective and efficient conclusion to any cleaning process.

Unlike other, existing disinfection devices, the UVD Robot is able to move around a room, operating theatre completely autonomously. This feature ensures the highest possible level of UV-C coverage during the disinfection process. Proximity to all surfaces and the avoidance of shadow areas in any given environment are the two, most critical elements in providing the highest level of UV-C light disinfection.

Without the requirement to assign a dedicated member of staff, the UVD Robot provides a highly effective, affordable disinfection alternative. Patient rooms can be turned around in a matter of minutes and operating theatres can be disinfected between procedures.




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