London Clinic launches innovative surgical service for amputees

The London Clinic, a private hospital and charity in Harley Street, is said to be the first private hospital in the UK to offer an innovative surgical service to above-the-knee amputees with the aim of improving the function of the limb and reducing pain and skin-related complications.

Military veterans who have suffered serious injury in combat are likely to be suitable candidates for surgery in London, when previously they have had to travel to Australia or the US for treatment.

Osseointegration works by anchoring the prosthesis directly into the thigh bone, using the OPRA (Osseointegrated Prostheses for the Rehabilitation of Amputees) implant system, designed by Professor Rickard Brånemark, who is internationally acclaimed as the most experienced surgeon in this field having performed over 400 surgeries.

The London Clinic is working in partnership with London International Patient Services to treat its first patient in November 2018 with Osseointegration.

Paul Culpan, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, who will be leading the surgical service at The London Clinic, said: “There’s robust clinical evidence that osseointegration, a pioneering operation for patients with amputations that removes the need for a socket prosthesis, significantly improves quality of life and long-term health.

“As the prosthesis is directly connected to the bone it can dramatically improve limb function as well as patient psychology, reducing dependency, improving lifestyle and providing an opportunity to return to work and a more normal life. We are proud to be able to offer patients from the UK and abroad the opportunity to undergo osseointegration by our experienced trauma surgeons in Harley Street and lead in establishing a world-class osseointegration centre at The London Clinic.”

“Our hospital is committed to improving the lives of people who have endured amputation from serious injury or illnesses such as cancer,” added Al Russell, chief executive of The London Clinic. “Our specialist facilities offer surgeons the opportunity to carry out complex surgery and we are proud to be the first private hospital to make these innovative services available to UK and international patients.”

In addition to Osseointegration, the service also includes bespoke hip and knee replacement surgery using tailor made implants to fit the patient and complex trauma (fractures) and plastic reconstructive surgery.

London International Patient Services has previously carried out complex surgery at The London Clinic for several patients including a limb salvage surgery for an Egyptian military patient who has since returned to work. “My doctors, Mr Culpan and Mr Chan saved my life. I was in a very bad condition but now I am living,” said Colonel Ahmed Ali.

“The nursing staff at The London Clinic were very friendly, supportive and kind. During those hard times the physiotherapy was so great and amazing. I am walking now because of them, the colorectal team and the hospital’s International Office team. They are all so great.”


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