New Thermosept® X-tra – Outstanding Cleaning Performance With Cost Savings

Mildly alkaline machine detergent based on surfactants and enzymes for the universal cleaning of medical instruments and accessories.

Our Plus

- Excellent cleaning performance achieved by the synergistic combination of active substances of enzymes and surfactants

- Optimal material compatibility

- High economic efficiency due to low working concentration pH >10 in the cleaning solution - reduced risk of vCJD according to the RKI [Robert Koch Institute]

Recommendation Application areas

Thermosept® X•tra is designed for the automated cleaning of medical instruments and accessories (surgical instruments, MIP/micro-instruments (including robotic instruments), materials used in anaesthesia, ophthalmological instruments, flexible and rigid endoscopes, containers and other instruments commonly used in the Central Sterile Supply Department), and for use in cleaning and disinfecting devices, conveyor belt systems and container cleaning systems. The outstanding cleaning performance is based on the combination of an innovative tenside system with high performance enzymes. The activity of the special enzyme variant develops initially in the application solution - in this way, powerful performance is achieved in the cleaning phase in the washer disinfector. Even at low doses thermosept® X•tra removes organic contaminants such as blood, proteins, tissue residues as well as mucus and fatty impurities. The synergistic combination of active ingredients allows excellent compatibility with materials, even with sensitive materials such as anodised aluminum and non ferrous metal. With a pH >10, a ten minute cleaning time and an elevated, nonprotein fixing process temperature in the cleaning solution, thermosept® X•tra contributes to risk reduction with regard to vCJD according to the RKI recommendations.


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