Mach LED Operating Lights From Ryna Medical UK Limited

Dr. Mach (Germany) has been leading the way in Operating Theatre Lighting technology and innovation for over seventy years.

Available exclusively in the United Kingdom via Ryna Medical UK Limited as part of our extensive range of products and services that can be provided to the NHS, Private Hospitals and all other health care sectors.

Our powerful LED-technology helps keeping a cool head through an almost inexistent heat development in the surgeon's head area and wound field. Dr. Mach already merges the different coloured LED's by a computer calculated optical system with light guide and facetted lenses. This means: The composed light leaves the optical system as white light and is dispersed over the wound field homogeneously. Colour shadows in the light beam of the OR light caused by the surgeon's head, shoulder or hands are avoided by the colour composition in the optical system.

Some key features of the Mach LED Lights include (depending on model):

- 160,000 lux light output
- Light Boost function
- Daylight Quality Light
- Intensity Adjustment
- Laser Pointer
- Endo-Light
- Colour Adjustment
- HD Camera System
- Sync Control
- Focusable Light Field
- Suitable for all Operating Theatres
- 50,000 hrs lifetime
- Latest technology / highest specification
- Various suspension, arms and other
- Configurations available


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