New EndoSwab testing system from Hygiena

HYGIENA ’s new EndoSwab testing system enables accurate and timely verification of endoscope cleanliness.

The system provides real-time verification of the cleanliness of endoscopes and other reusable medical instruments in just 15 seconds. Featuring an absorbent sponge tip attached to a 2.4m long flexible wand, the system enables sample collection from even hard-to-reach internal channels and components, ensuring that results can be trusted. Following sampling, the sponge tip is removed and assessed using one of Hygiena’s adenosine triphosphate (ATP) test devices. This quick process highlights whether the initial cleaning steps have been effective, so the instruments can then be disinfected, sterilised and reused. 

EndoSwab offers simple and dependable detection of ATP, a common component of all body fluids. The system generates immediate, objective results, allowing for the rapid assessment of cleaning procedures and the timely undertaking of corrective actions. EndoSwab facilitates the success of later disinfection and sterilisation procedures, which are dependent upon effective cleaning.  

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