HARTMANN’S HyrdoClean® plus Wound Dressing Scoops Award

HydroClean® plus - developed by HARTMANN, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wound care products - has been ranked in the top three dressings worldwide.

HydroClean® plus received its commendation from the Journal of Wound Care (JWC) and the acclaimed World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS), which selected it as one of the top three products in the category of ‘Most Innovative Wound Dressings’ at the 2016 WUWHS Congress in Florence.

Karen Woosey, Marketing Director at HARTMANN UK, says: “At HARTMANN, our mission is to make a difference to people living with chronic wounds through providing simple and effective wound care to clinicians.  This award is an acknowledgement of the way in which we continually put new thought into how we approach the management of chronic wounds.  We are absolutely delighted to receive this award but ultimately the best reward is in making a positive difference in patients’ lives.”    

With its unique rinsing, absorption mechanism1, HydroClean® plus is a Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressing that provides optimum wound bed preparation. Patients living with chronic wounds can face lengthy healing processes and quality of life challenges, which is why it is important to provide effective wound bed preparation that promotes faster wound healing2,3 from the outset.

Bacteria, necrotic tissue and fibrin hinder wound healing4.  The patented HydroClean® plus uses its unique rising-absorption combination1 to create an ideally moist wound bed, which promotes autolytic debridement.  The combination reduces harmful Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) that trigger inflammation - one of the key causes of delayed healing in chronic wounds - by up to 87 percent4.  The product continues to rinse the area with Ringer’s solution, which is contained within the Hydro-Responsive Dressing core and keeps the area moist for up to three days.  The patented dressing facilitates autolytic debridement without harsh mechanical methods.  HydroClean® plus also contains the antiseptic Polyhexanide (polyhexamethylene biguanide, PHMB), which has an antimicrobial effect within the wound pad2.  

HydroClean® plus comes with silicone strips to keep the pad from sticking to the wound.  This helps avoid any unnecessary pain at dressing change for the patient and keeps stress factors to a minimum. HydroClean® plus also maintains a moist wound environment, essential for optimum 

Professor Karen Ousey, Professor and Director for the Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention, School of Human and Health Sciences, University of Huddersfield, explains: “Whenever we suffer injury to the skin, our body will try to keep the loss of fluid to a minimum while ensuring that the wound is kept sufficiently moist.  Numerous studies have explored the use of HydroTherapy and identified that it can promote the healing process. It is essential that wound dressings manage excess exudate while maintaining a moist wound healing environment.”  Professor Karen Ousey continues: “HydroClean® plus has the ability to effectively debride wounds in a timely manner while maintaining this moist environment, thus providing a clean wound bed.  In light of the product only being launched to the UK market place in March 2016, this is a well-deserved accolade to the product.”

HydroClean® plus is the first step in HARTMANN’s two step wound healing technology HydroTherapy.  In the second step, HydroTac® promotes epithelialization, i.e. wound closure.    More information on HydroTherapy can be found at http://hydrotherapy.info.  


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