Benefits of ‘CPTs’

UNISURGE INTERNATIONAL has become one of the leading suppliers of theatre room procedure packs, offering a complete range of disposable procedure packs, disposable single-use instruments and now a custom range of ward dressing packs and supplementaries.

Procedure Packs or “CPTs” (Custom Procedure Trays) are becoming increasingly accepted in operating theatres. The benefits of each pack include:

• Cost reduction through the company’s bulk buying capability.
• Sterility assurance of all components.
• Stock reduction on shelf space needed due to “just in time” delivery of packs.
• Contracts establishing supply of packs from two to five years.
• Dedicated sales team and advice on construction of other packs from Unisurge’s clinical nurses.
• Easy to read and colour coded labels.
• Friendly Unisurge own brand delivery service.
• Cost savings on multiple sites and advice on how to make extra savings.
• Complementary advice on budgeting for each department.