Understanding decontamination

Infection prevention specialist, Nanosonics, recently held an ultrasound probe decontamination event, in which independent speakers presented delegates with talks relating to the latest decontamination developments in an ultrasound environment.

A focus on training and advancement

On Tuesday 24 September 2019, NPAG - part of the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust – will host the 2019 Clinical Engineering Conference at Wolverhampton Racecourse. The Clinical Services Journal provides a glimpse of what’s on offer to delegates.

Delivering world class operating theatres

Operating theatres are the beating heart of hospitals and are increasingly at the heart of the products and services provided by Bender UK.

Minds that learn – hearts that care

Between 8 – 11 August 2019, The Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP) held its annual conference and exhibition at the University of York Campus. Delegates were treated to an astonishing array of talks that highlighted health and wellbeing across UK Trusts

A component we cannot do without

Jonathan Evans, communications manager at the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) explains why he believes life today is unimaginable without HealthTech.

Tackling the growing challenges of sepsis

The Sepsis+ 2019 conference afforded delegates the chance to hear from leading experts in the field of sepsis. Taking place on 11 June 2019 at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham, visitors learned about the latest research, science and innovations, and discovered real world solutions in the challenge of managing deteriorating conditions.

The mechanics of cleaning instruments

Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski, founder and managing director at Aseptium, provides a crash course in the mechanics of cleaning complex surgical instruments.

BSG Annual Conference 2019

For the first time since 2013, the BSG Annual Scientific Conference returned to Glasgow, a city with strong links to the practice of medicine. The Clinical Services Journal visited the SEC to discover some of the highlights.

Temporary SSD unit achieves the ‘impossible’

Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust has been able to under take a full sterile services refurbishment project without disrupting services.

Continuing action for imperatives in care

Kate Woodhead RGN DMS examines NHS Improvement’s strategy for England. The challenges and new frameworks could save 1000 lives and £100 million annually from 2023/24.

Leading excellence in decontamination

On Wednesday 8 May 2019, delegates headed to the Madejski Stadium in Reading to attend the Leading Excellence in Endoscopy Decontamination study day, hosted by iM Med. The Clinical Services Journalshares some of the highlights from this fascinating day.

Getting to the heart of a no-deal Brexit

The term ‘no-deal Brexit’ has been used so much over the last year that many have become all but immune to its real meaning. The Clinical Services Journal examines what the impact of this may mean to the NHS.

Standardising medication systems

Paul O’Hanlon, managing director, Omnicell UK & Ireland,warns that a standardised medication system is urgently required in hospitals in order to improve patient safety.

A game changer for personalised medicine?

Daniel Streetman PharmD, MS of Wolters Kluwer, Health, discusses the potential for pharmacogenomics to transform the efficacy of prescribed drugs and reduce instances of adverse drug reactions. He also explores the professional, ethical and logistical challenges that still need to be overcome for genomics to achieve widespread traction in the UK.

Innovating to meet demand

In 2018, mobile medical unit provider EMS Healthcare launched Quest+ Decontamination – the UK’s first mobile endoscope decontamination unit. To date, the unit has saved NHS Trusts in the region of £5.375 million1 through responding directly to the challenges they are facing.

Choosing a high performance detergent

Richard Bancroft, BSc(Hons), science and technical director at STERIS Corporation,discusses the importance of high performance detergents for cleaning reusable medical devices.

Engaging with industry as an academic

Driven by budget pressures, an ageing population and the emergence of a new technophilic generation, demand for innovation in healthcare has never been higher. However, Chloe Moss, analyst at Health Enterprise East, warns that, while opportunities undoubtedly exist for the scientist or clinician-turned entrepreneur, many sadly fail to bring their technologies to life.

Key regulations: Disinfection by the rules

When examining the regulations and directives governing the manufacture and sale of disinfectants and cleaners, Clare Clark - BSc (Hons)Microbiology, ACIST, MRB, technical support manager, schülke UK, explains why it is necessary to consider what constitutes a medical device (MD), and why this is significant.

Joining the dots to improve care

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, which employs more than 5600 staff and has a 570-bed capacity, has been using electronic patient records since 2015. Having built on these firm foundations, the Global Digital Exemplar ‘Fast Follower’ Trust is starting to realise the multiple clinical and efficiency benefits that come with digital transformation.

Making the case for clinical system validation

Amongst the pressures of delivering digital transformation at scale, clinical teams need more support and investment to ensure IT systems are safe to use and fit-for-purpose, says Stephen Seagreen-Bell, managing director of Transforming Healthcare Consultancy.