Smiths Medical Introduces Pain Management System with Wireless Communication Capability

Smiths Medical, a leading global medical device manufacturer, has released the CADD®-Solis ambulatory infusion pump version 4.1 that sets the foundation for wireless communication globally.

The CADD®-Solis v4.1 pump is UL-marked and has full compliance with the latest product standards, including IEC-60601-1 Edition 3.1. The CADD®-Solis pump maintains the advantages of an ambulatory pump for patient mobility and also provides a single system that effectively delivers IV PCA, epidurals and peripheral nerve blocks from pump to patient.

The CADD®-Solis v4.1 pump enables new features such as:

  • Longer drug names to eliminate abbreviating or truncating drug names and concentrations.
  • The addition of profiles to categorize drug protocols or represent care areas.
  • Wireless two-way communication with the PharmGuard® Server software to help increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes.

Customers can continue to use previous versions or choose to upgrade any CADD®-Solis model 2110 pump2 to CADD®-Solis v4.1 software using SureLink® remote support software, while maintaining their existing drug library.  Turning off wireless communications or the lack of wireless access does not impact pump delivery or data retention.

Jeff Hohn, General Manager & Vice President, Infusion Systems, at Smiths Medical, says: “The new CADD®-Solis system is a continuation of Smiths Medical’s commitment to advancing patient care and helping to improve outcomes through leading-edge technology.  Wireless bi-directional communication sets the foundation for integrating pain management data directly into the patient

records in the hospital’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR), saving clinician time charting and increasing documentation accuracy. For example, providing PCA data into patient monitoring systems could be used to manage the risk of respiratory depression from the over use of opioids.”


For more information on the CADD®-Solis ambulatory infusion pump range contact Glen Johnson, NordUK Marketing Manager at Smiths Medical, on 01233 722 100, email [email protected] or visit

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