CMO report calls for action on mental health

CMO report calls for action on mental health

The Chief Medical Officer's report has highlighted concerns about the 70 million working days lost to mental illness last year at a cost of up to £100 billion to the economy.
Infection Prevention 2014 SECC, Glasgow, 29 September - 2 October 2014
IPS 2014
3M partners with NHS England to champion frontline innovation in infection control

The 2014-15 NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes programme recognises and rewards proven innovations with potential for spread and adoption across the NHS. Open only to NHS organisations in England, a £650,000 prize fund is available to disseminate and embed winning projects which are new to the NHS or applied in a novel way....
Infection prevention solutions

Bath basins are a reservoir for bacteria and may be a source of transmission of hospital-acquired infections. Increased awareness of bath basins as a possible source of transmission of hospital-acquired infections is needed, particularly for high-risk patients. (American Journal of Critical Care.2009;18:31-40) ...
Promoting improvement in hand hygiene

Schülke offers a wide range of infection prevention and control products including Desderman Pure hand hygiene gel, the Octenisan decontamination range, Octenilin wound gel, Octenilin wound irrigation solution and Octenilin cleaning solution sachets. Product information and samples will be available on the company’s...
Five steps to help reduce HCAIs

VYGON’s focus at the coming Infection Prevention 2014 meeting will be its aim at ZERO campaign. Launched earlier this year, aim at ZERO focuses on key products to target healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs), supporting the national epic3, Winning Ways, and Matching Michigan guidelines in reducing infection rates to...

Other News

RCS publishes standards for surgeon

RCS publishes standards for surgeon

The Royal College of Surgeons of England launched Good Surgical Practice outlining clear standards expected of all surgeons. The guide outlines the skills, values and attitudes that underpin the profession and has been developed with surgeons and patient groups.
World first for liver transplant team

World first for liver transplant team

A transplant team at a Birmingham hospital has achieved a world first after resuscitating a liver that would have previously been considered unviable. Surgeons at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham successfully revived the organ for transplantation by pumping oxygenated blood through it after a journey of more than 200 miles inside an ice box.
Step closer to development of cancer ‘breath test’

Step closer to development of cancer ‘breath test’

Subtle genetic changes can be detected in the vapour given off by cells engineered to mimic the early stages of lung cancer, according to research published in the British Journal of Cancer.
• Scientifically- advanced hand sanitiser
• Endoscope transport and short term storage system
• Xenon gas protects brain after head injury
• Trials of Ebola vaccine
• RCP sets out five-point plan for the NHS
• New ESC guidelines on non-cardiac surgery


Calls to improve treatment of HCV

Calls to improve treatment of HCV

Charles Gore, chief executive of the Hepatitis C Trust, recently commented that eradication of hepatitis C (HCV) in the UK is a realistic goal. However, only half of those infected know they have it and deaths from HCV continue to rise. With only 3% of the chronically infected population accessing treatment each year, efforts to tackle the disease must improve. LOUISE FRAMPTON reports.
Infusion devices:design for patient safety

Infusion devices:design for patient safety

The Clinical Services Journal takes a look at how technology developments are helping to reduce the possibility of patient-safety incidents in infusion pumps, which are ubiquitous devices in the healthcare sector.
Calls to ‘reshape’ health and social care

Calls to ‘reshape’ health and social care

An independent commission is calling for a radical overhaul in the way health and social care are organised. It is proposing a new approach that redesigns care around individual needs.
A time-saving hygiene training solution by SureWash

A time-saving hygiene training solution by SureWash

A mobile hand hygiene training and assessment tool is being employed at one Trust to offer the infection control team a labour-saving device to help ensure good levels of hand hygiene compliance and also educate staff about good hand-washing technique. SUZANNE CALLANDER reports.
• New approach to end of life care
• Implementing effective SSI surveillance
• State-of-the art training package
• Protecting lives and enhancing safety
• Rapid detection systems
• Experts to discuss HCAI strategy

Product Spotlight

Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer

The Limbs & Things Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer Mk2 is a new improved version of one of their best-selling task trainers.

Ergonomically designed surgical clippers

CAREFUSION has introduced the next generation of its pre-operative surgical clippers. Developed in conjunction with surgical theatre teams, it offers an improved ergonomic feel and performance to encourage proper hand position and application. It can be used in wet or dry conditions.

Easier way to weigh patients

Weighing elderly patients can be difficult, and can turn a simple, yet necessary routine into a time-consuming procedure. SECA has created a set of scales which takes into account the varied requirements of geriatric care, including the seca 959 and the wheelchair scale, seca 677.


Telemedicine evolves into remote presence


Telemedicine evolves into remote presence
Telemedicine, or the use of telecommunication and information technologies to provide clinical healthcare from a distance, is playing an increasingly important role in medicine. As the number of surgeons per population continues to decline, the rate and volume of surgical education has to increase.


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Making infection control a priority
STARKSTROM is committed to supporting the healthcare sector by focusing its product design and development to reduce the potential for infections when using products from its S-equiP range.